Dr Shazad Demands Immediate Repair of Roads & Construction of Bridge Over Chatral Nallah

Dr Shazad Ahmed Malik former Vice Chancellor and Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Border Area Development Conference(JK_BADC) during his visit to different Panchayats of block Mendhar met several delegations of villagers who apprised different problems faced by them.

The major issue that has been highlighted by almost all the people of this border block was of poor supply of clean drinking water and poor condition of roads that not only causes delay for them to reach their destination but also poses risk to their lives.

In Panhayat Halqa Narole, the BADC Chairman took note of miseries faced by the people, the condition of roads in this village is even worse as compared to other villages. The vehicles drivers and commuters find it too difficult to cross the Chatral Nallah passing through Narole, Dr Shazad Malik urged the government to construct bridge over this Nallah and repair of road from Lahi Banola to Chatral.

The local informed Dr Shazad that during rainy days, the students, elderly person and pregnant women find it too difficult to cross this Nallah. They also questioned the role of former MLAs and MLCs and also of incumbent public representatives of the area who have maintained a criminal silence over the sufferings of the people and hoodwink them on the name of so called development. The BADC Chairperson assured the people to raise their issued at all appropriate forums for their immediate redressal.