J&K Police ups the ante against cyber criminals

J&K Police has upped the ante against online frauds and recorded over 2100 cases against offenders in the previous three years in Kashmir.

In the past three years, the Kashmir Cyber Police Station has received 2145 incidents of cyber fraud.

The Police have filed 51 FIRs and recovered the money from online scammers totaling Rs 4.49 crore.

A total of 494 cases of online fraud were reported in 2020 to the Kashmir Cyber Police Station.

According to information provided by the Police in response to M M Shuja’s RTI application, eight FIRs were filed within the same time period, and the Police promptly recovered Rs 42 lakh from the fraudsters.

Two suspects were also apprehended.

In Kashmir, 703 cyber fraud cases were reported in 2021, 24 FIRs were filed in those cases, 37 people were arrested in connection with online scamming, and a total of Rs 1.10 crore was also recovered.

This is a significant increase in the number of recorded cyber crimes compared to 2020.

Police recouped more money in 2022 from the internet scammers who had conned gullible individuals.

A total of 948 incidents of cyber fraud were recorded in the same year, 27 FIRs were filed in these cases, and a staggering Rs 2.97 crore was recovered from online criminals.

Superintendent of Police Cyber, Srinagar, Iftikhar Talib advised people not to hold back while reporting any online fraud or scamming.

“If the Police are contacted right away, they have a good possibility of recovering the money that was taken from the account. Additionally, we have emphasised numerous times that people should not give out their banking information or any other information to callers who identify themselves as representatives of some organisations,” he said. “Prompt action by the Cyber Police has helped many people to get back their money that was stolen by cybercriminals through duping.”

A total of 154 incidents of cybercrime were recorded at police stations in 2021 in J&K, a 28.33 percent rise from the year before, according to the NCRB study ‘Crime in India – 2021.’

A total of 73 cyber crimes were reported in J&K in 2019 and 120 in 2020.

According to the report, the rate of cybercrime in J&K climbed by over 110 percent over the course of the previous two years from 2019 to 2021.

A total of 45 incidents were recorded under Section 67, which is “publication, transmission of obscene and sexually explicit acts in electronic form” even though J&K witnessed 83 “computer-related offences” in 2021.